Welcome to Pain Divine

Trust is no small thing. It comes down to three key components: Trust is part instinct, part reputation and lastly, experience.

Trust has to come completely from the participant in the submission of their canvas all the way to the very tip of the artist’s needle, there is no compromise, the work is a fully connected collaboration between the two.

Selecting a skilfully trained professional in body art and tattoo design isn’t that different from seeking the assistance of a specialist medical practitioner or an architect for the building of your dream home, these are lifelong decisions, where the end result stems from a labour of love, revision and shared understanding that will stay with you to the end. 

Each and every design is made to order, crafted with loving individualistic care and optimum attention to down to the finest detail.

Pain Divine Tattoo’s founder and owner Vaz, brings more than 25 years of wide-ranging and enlightened tattooing experience to the table. Home for nearly twenty years, Croydon’s Church street studio has thrived and grown to become the single most important tattoo studio in the district with people travelling from all parts of the country, and even flying in from overseas to have the art of Pain Divine upon their skin.  Well known within the tattoo art and design industry, having worked his way around the globe perfecting his art, Vaz’s design styles cannot be easily explained, they need to be seen and discussed in order to be understood. This is the ethos that leads on to create for each and every Pain Divine Client, a one of a kind living canvas design.

Having won numerous tattoo design awards and featured in many tattoo industry publications, Vaz, has personally trained a number of successful tattoo artists through his ‘old school’ style of tattoo apprenticeship methods. People just don’t work like this any longer, they have comprehensive guidelines and textbook methods to be followed, but at Pain Divine, you won’t see a single manual resting on any shelf. This is hands on, practical experience gained from hundreds of hours of observation and practice. Vaz, has hand-picked and personally trained a formidable cooperative of skilled tattoo specialists that form the various parts of the Pain Divine Team.


Vaz: Specialises in Black & Grey, Industrial Biomech and Custom Body Suits

Sazli:  Specialises in the styles of Realism and Portraits

Alex: Specialises in New School and Full Colour         

Wade: Specialises in Vectorised, Graffiti and Fonts

Victor: Specialises in Black & Grey, Colour and Realism

What sets Pain Divine apart from the competition? Experience, Originality and a Genuine hands-on, Organic collaboration. For further ideas and inspiration, check out the gallery for examples of Pain Devine’s work, or feel free to pop in to the studio to meet the team and discuss your ideas and visions. The Pain Divine Tattoo Design Team will be on hand to assist you with their cutting edge tattoo designs and their forward thinking artistic abilities. 

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd, or to simply rest safe in the knowledge; knowing that you alone feel proud of having a striking art piece tailor-made to your specific personal requirements and applied with the highest health and safety standards of professional care.