Conventions – Awards

Vaz and the team at Pain Divine have won numerous awards for their world renowned signature artwork and have been invited to attend some of the globes biggest tattoo conventions alongside some of the world’s most talented tattoo artists.

Convention’s for tattoo artists represent the true quality of an artist’s skill and provides recognition amongst the tattoo community, being invited to attend is a sure sign of quality and for Pain Divine to have attended so many over the years not only proves the high standards and unique styles Vaz can produce, but can be further backed up by the numerus awards he has won for his consistently high standards and one of a kind art work. Awards such as ‘Best Tattoo Studio, Croydon’ and ‘Best in Show at the Milton Keynes Tattoo Convention’ to name just a few.

Croydon Tattoo convention 2013

Cantal Ink the Skin International Tattoo gathering (Chaudes Aigues, France) 2013

MK (Milton Keynes) Tattoo convention 2011

London Tattoo convention 2010

Darby State of the Art Tattoo convention

Moscow Tattoo Convention

Swansea Tattoo Expo

Prague Tattoo Convention

Brighton Tattoo convention

Berlin International Tattoo convention 2009

Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2009

Dunstable Tattoo Expo 2009

Roma Tattoo Expo 2006